Alpha Wolf R1

The Alpha Wolf as a tactical response robot for the fire brigade.

The Alpha Wolf R1 reduces human interaction to a minimum, thereby providing sustainable protection for emergency personnel during high-risk reconnaissance, security or fire-fighting activities.

Alpha Wolf R1: Mobility meets intelligence.

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The new era of operational support – experience the Alpha Wolf R1 tactical operations robot in action!

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Control variants *
Winch *
Claw support *
Lens cleaning *
Cameras *
Raman spectrometer *
Self-protection *
Smoke extraction *
Launcher unit
Lighting *
Robot arm *
Exchangeable battery *
*) As standard, the Alpha Wolf R1 is only equipped with the launcher and thus has the fire-fighting function and can be extended with further functions / components depending on individual requirements.

Technology on the highest level

With up to 3 tonnes of tractive force and a top speed of 15 km/h, the Alpha Wolf R1 combines power and speed in impressive style.


850 kg


Length: 1,677 mm
Width: 1,234 mm


2 PMS disc motors
top performance: 2 x 18 kW
torque: 500 Nm

Rechargeable battery

8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery (exchangeable battery)
Battery management system with self-managing heating system


  • 4 static driving direction cameras
  • 2 additional dynamic cameras for normal and thermal image transmission (swivel range 0° – +/- 180°)
  • Turret camera normal/thermal image 360°, (swivel range 0° – +/- 90°)
  • Compressed air system for cleaning the cameras


12 LED headlights with 1800 lumens each aligned in the directions of movement
Lupine Highbeam ambient lighting


  • Redundant system guidance
  • Visual guidance via tablet PC guided hand control unit (range: 50 m)
  • Command guidance via system carrier vehicle (range: 2,500 m)


Internet (double redundant) or WiFi


Up to 2,000 l / min. at 10 bar water or water-foam mixture
Launch range 65 metres for water, 45 metres for foam


1.36 t tractive force
Extending claw support

Additional features

  • Drone escort with thermal image transmission
  • Drone escort as a “range extender” in WiFi use – satellite drone
  • UniversalRobots UR 10e remote manipulator
  • Raman spectrometer for the detection of hazardous substances with remote transmission-capable evaluation
  • Hollow frame with application nozzles for self-protection 50l/min at 10 bar
  • Automatically mountable, battery-powered 4-fold fan cascade with a circulation capacity of 102,800 m3/h and a running time of 4 hours.
  • Trailer coupling

The Alpha Wolf for your individual operation!