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24. / 25.09.2020 | Magirus press event
The Wolf R1 was presented at the Magirus press event in Ulm. Here is the video of it!

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12.05.2020 | Feuerwehrmagazin
Five-page report about the Wolf R1 in the fire brigade magazine.

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20.04.2020 | Südlohner Moor
Another real-life operation for the “Wolf R1” at the moorland blaze on Südlohner Moor. The versatile operational robot proves to be particularly effective on the rough terrain and is a great help for the emergency services. At the same time, the drone modules (Xpander) on the “TacticNet” are also used and provide live images of the fire situation.

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14.01.2020 | Quakenbrück
Baptism of fire for the “Wolf R1”. When there is a major fire in a commercial building in Quakenbrück, the versatile operational robot is used for the first time under real conditions.

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