Guide unmanned vehicles safely with the system control from Alpha Robotics.

The VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) is a system control developed by Alpha Robotics consisting of various hardware and software specifications to safely guide unmanned vehicles (UAV/UGV). Here, the available base vehicle is not so important initially. Rather, the focus is on enabling the respective system operators to interact with their system in a way that is weather-independent, ergonomically smart and, if necessary, of long duration.

VCU II Wolf R1 | Sprinter

The perfect addition to the Wolf R1 as a tactical unit

In addition to the mobile remote control solution of the Wolf R1 via tablet, the VCU II based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis complements the Wolf R1 to form a tactical unit for command and control over long distances and to allow the Wolf R1 to penetrate danger areas independently of a person. It is controlled via a long range radio connection. The operators in the VCU are supported here by aerial reconnaissance using drones with normal and thermal imaging cameras and by the vehicle-mounted cameras of the Wolf R1.
 By integrating the VCU II into the TacticNet it is possible to make the drone images and those of the Wolf R1 visible in the TacitcNet app for operations personnel with authorised access.


MB Sprinter 906 AC 35
Parking heater
Parking air conditioner
Hänsch blue light system 2 x DBS 4.000 roof bar system with front beacons and Labcraft ambient lighting


Two operator stations to guide the Wolf R1
Redundant system guidance
A workplace for control personnel

Alpha Wolf and drone guidance

Redundant system control via Internet or WiFi
Repeater drone for operations-area-bound system control via WiFi
Drone guidance – vehicle-bound, with actively guided integration into the TacticNet, integrated antenna technology and active GPS interior amplifier


Local server for data backup and operation history management
Internet in the vehicle
Internet hotspot
Three radio-telephone workstations

Power supply

Internally through buffer storage
Externally by power generator Honda EU 22i

The Wolf for your individual operation!