Areas of operation

The Wolf can be used for a wide variety of applications in the civilian sector.

The Wolf reduces human interaction to a minimum, thereby providing sustainable protection for emergency personnel during high-risk reconnaissance, security, fire-fighting or recovery activities.

But the Wolf means one thing above all: pure flexibility. The unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) can be used as a mobile platform for a wide variety of applications and tasks in the civilian sector. With up to 3 tonnes of tractive force and a top speed of 15 km/h, the Wolf combines power and speed in impressive style on almost any terrain. However, the Wolf is only completed by individual set-up in combination with a unique control and communication technology.

Operation – moor blaze on Südlohner Moor
Training exercise

The current Wolf R1 model has a specific superstructure for the operational support of the fire brigade. As a multifunctional, tactical operational robot, the R1 already operates successfully in the following scenarios:

  • Fire-fighting in rough terrain
  • Fire-fighting in buildings
  • Support in fire-fighting operations through thermal imaging
  • Support in fire-fighting operations during the reconnaissance of the attack squad
  • Recovery operation with winch
  • Hazardous substance detection by means of a RAMAN spectrometer
  • Hazardous substance handling with a remote manipulator
  • Semi-autonomous fire-fighting
  • Semi-autonomous entry and exit of rooms
  • Semi-autonomous driving on extinguishing routes
  • Semi-autonomous identification and tracking of operations personnel
  • Release of overpressure in building structures
  • Support of the operation site logistics with trailer coupling and 3 t towing load

The Wolf for your individual operation!